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Recent Sampling

A quick sampling of the styles and products from the last year or so. Though by no means a complete survey, this grouping will provide an idea of the range of our work. From wedding cakes, sheet cakes, and birthday cakes to chocolate covered strawberries. Click Here to view. Click on the arrows to navigate. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Classic Wedding Cakes

We have been creating wonderful, one of a kind wedding cakes for more than two decades. Whether you have always known exactly what your wedding cake will be, or haven't given it a thought, Handmade Desserts will create a cake as special and individual as the rest of your wedding. Browse this album with a click.


Wedding cakes evoking the ocean are very popular with local couples as well as those “from away”, especially for an island or seaside setting. As our examples show, you can choose simple and elegant, wild and funky, or anywhere in between. We make our own white (or dark) chocolate seashells, or using your own cleaned real shells can be charming as well. Painted fish, waves, mermaids, or shells can all be incorporated as you wish. We even fabricated a scale model of Portland Head Light for one particularly romantic groom who had proposed there. Made of cookie dough, painted with royal icing; constructing the lighthouse cake top was the most fun we had all year! Click here to browse a photo album of these cakes.

Fondant Cakes

Rolled fondant is smooth, satiny, and pearly white in texture with soft edges covering for a cake that is completely frosted underneath. Fondant, a dough made mostly of sugar, can be made in-house or purchased, and is available white, chocolate, or colored to match a theme. The perfectly smooth sides can be left unadorned or embellished as you wish. View examples here.

Fruit Decorations

Fruit adorned cakes have always been very popular with our customers. Fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, and fresh blueberries in season are favorites. Cascades of fruits and cornucopias spilling from the cake top are requested by some. We have fashioned various fruits from marzipan through the years. A photo album of fruit decorated cakes can be viewed here. A slideshow of some of these cakes can be viewed here.

Favors, cookies, and Minis

To view a photo album of Mini Dessert Platters,Wedding Favors, and Cookies click here.